Guiding Principles

We believe that without a proper methodology, technology is little more than an empty box. The AskDelphi platform is built around 7 guiding principles for effective performance support. These guiding principles have been inspired by our advisory board members and incorporate best practice learning and performance methodologies, including the Five Moments of Need and 70:20:10.


You can't improve what you can´t measure. It is crucial for effective performance support to be in alignment with key business indicators. AskDelphi incorporates a sophisticated data mining capability that collects and measures numerous data points, which feed into reports and personalized dashboards that provide you with the business intelligence you need to help you monitor the effectiveness of your performance support program.


Not all tasks are created equal. When designing your learning and performance plan, most effort (and budget) needs to be directed to those tasks that are most critical to the success of the organization. These tasks need to receive the appropriate treatment, including formal learning design (10). In addition, coaching and mentoring activities especially, contribute to the important social learning component (20). Workplace learning is where most of the learning takes place, when applying new knowledge, solving problems or adapting to change (70). AskDelphi brings all these learning modalities together to offer a true blended learning and performance experience.


Users want access to information that is relevant and personalised to their unique needs. While moving through the work process they may work with various applications and tools and may even change roles. AskDelphi follows users as they constantly change context and will offer support content relevant to the user´s role, location, system state, personal preferences and many other unique context properties, as and when needed.


Effective learning and performance happens best in the workflow. AskDelphi brings the right amount of support to wherever your workplace may be. Quick access to relevant content is provided on your desktop when working in a business critical software application, on a tablet device before meeting with that important customer, or as an easy to use checklist when doing a performance review. All content is accessed through our secured cloud environment.


Support on the workplace and Informal learning do not mean that there is no intentional design structure or master plan behind it. Unlike traditional instructional design methodologies, Performance Support requires a focus on job tasks and not on learning objectives. We need to enable workers to perform. AskDelphi has built-in capability to bring intentional design to workplace learning and support, facilitating job-task and critical skills analysis, as well accommodating learning experience and performance planning. In addition, AskDelphi provides an agile content development toolset that allows for rapid content and context creation.

Just Enough

When at the moment of apply, people are in a working mode. They don’t want to spend valuable time to sift through a chapter in a book or following a 20-minute e-learning, trying to find the right answer. They want to get access to only the right amount of information to get them back to productive work as quickly as possible. AskDelphi provides quick access to step-by-step instruction, but also connects to additional reference resources, learning resources or people resources.


Most processes and workflows, whether they are related to Health, Safety & Environment, Sales & Marketing, Finance or Customer Service, cover a wide array of tasks, covering both IT as well as non-IT related steps. AskDelphi provides a Performance Support platform that provides just enough support across the entire enterprise, while performing tasks in business critical software applications as well as when leaving these IT systems to continue with a task in the overarching workflow or process. AskDelphi supports performance across the whole organisation.