About Us

AskDelphi provides a Performance Support software platform that enables your workforce to perform effectively at every changing moment of need by providing just the right amount of support when needed, so that employees can perform autonomously and become experts at what they do.

Why AskDelphi

In order to remain competitive, change and innovation needs to be at the core of business strategy. Our workforce needs to embrace this change and be provided with the right tools and support for peak performance at every changing moment.

AskDelphi enables people to perform effectively at the moment where they need it the most, on the job at the moment of apply.

By giving quick and easy access to relevant support, users can work autonomously, while at the same time master the skills needed to have a meaningful contribution to reaching both personal and organisational goals.

AskDelphi is focused on supporting your performance and keeping your people engaged and motivated.

Our Performance Support Software Framework

AskDelphi develops next generation performance support software. Building on the Microsoft Azure framework, our cloud based platform incorporates the latest technology in content authoring, context recognition, multi-device access and secure hosting.

We believe that without a proper methodology, technology is little more than an empty box. The AskDelphi platform is built around 7 guiding principles for effective performance support.


Linking usage to performance indicators


Workplace (70), social (20) and formal (10) learning


Based on personal needs


In the work place


Workflow analysis and content creation tools

Just enough

Quickly return to effective work


Across IT and non-IT tasks

Advisory board

At AskDelphi we believe in adopting design methodologies and guiding principles from thought leaders in the Learning and Performance landscape, which have proven to be successful in real world situations. We learn from early adopters on best practices in implementing Performance Support programs across national and international organisations. Finally, we are constantly looking at technology trends and developments that help shape our future software platform. Our advisory board consists of methodology, best practice and technology thought leaders that advise us on how to continuously improve and adapt the AskDelphi Performance Support platform, based on their proven methodologies, latest thinking and practical insights.